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Lynn Sunderman

My art beginnings started when my mom, Dot, transferred my animal drawings onto toy boxes for my sister and I to paint. She taught me needle-crafts and gave me confidence to try many other forms of art. I spent my teaching career encouraging first graders to be creative, daring and to enjoy art. I love to sew, needlepoint, knit, crochet, embroider, draw, paint, decorate cakes, make jewelry, sculpt and explore other mediums, going wherever my heart takes me.

Dorothy (Dot)

Our artistry is inspired by our mother, an Iowa farm girl, whose work ethic and passion for quality handiwork was passed down to her, then lovingly gifted to us. We hope to honor her through our work. We strive to create beautiful hand-crafted pieces for you and your family, which will be tomorrow's heirlooms.

Amy Sunderman

Senior Architect

"It is imperative to spend time doing what makes you smile spontaneously and lose track of time". My passion is art. I love nature, children's books, photography, crafts, sewing, needle-arts, music, dance, different cultures and anything old or hand made. I worked at Disneyland as a portrait and caricature artist, and later as a geriatric nurse caring for our honored elders. I am lucky to live in the mountains and so grateful for the gift of art.